China-Netherlands-China-EU Economic and Trade Portal

Delighted to reflect on our participation in the “China-Netherlands-China-EU Economic and Trade Portal” forum held in The Hague on December 17th. Hosted collaboratively by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the European Union and the Dutch Association of Chinese Enterprises, this forum was a testament to the enduring importance of global collaboration in trade. Our General Manager had the privilege to present our sustainability initiatives, showcasing GIA Centre’s commitment to positive change. This event provided a platform for rich discussions and connections, emphasizing the vital role of businesses in fostering economic cooperation. Keynote speakers, including esteemed figures like Tan Jian and Peng Gang, highlighted the significance of collaboration in driving prosperity. We were particularly encouraged by discussions on strengthening ties between China and the Netherlands, echoing our own dedication to fostering mutual understanding. The forum’s insights, including the presentation of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the EU’s flagship report, are invaluable as we navigate the evolving global landscape. Let’s draw inspiration from these discussions to continue driving positive change. At GIA Centre, we remain steadfast in our commitment to dialogue and collaboration for a sustainable future.