Hubbel was established in 2018 by Robert and Michelle with a mission to improve urban livability through Smart Green Transport and Logistics. Over time, the Hubbel community has grown to include employees, partners, and clients who share the vision of making urban logistics smarter and greener.

The company’s vision is to revolutionize urban logistics, particularly in the first and last mile, by adopting smarter and greener practices. They aim to operate with 100% Zero Emission, maximizing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact to enhance traffic safety, accessibility, and sustainability in urban areas.

Initially based at Van der Velde Verhuizingen in Den Haag, Hubbel started with one electric truck and one electric van. As their fleet expanded, they diversified their operations.

Hubbel collaborates closely with Van der Velde Verhuizingen to advance Smart Green Logistics. 

The Hubbel team comprises individuals who share a passion for logistics and customer focus. They aim to set an example in sustainable transport by employing permanent staff and partnering with organizations to train individuals for careers in logistics. Hubbel is committed to shaping the future of urban logistics while prioritizing environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.