Mastering Entrepreneurship: The up-and-coming masterclass

Mastering Entrepreneurship is a new masterclass organised by Jeffrey Grune, the reason why he decided to create this masterclass is easy. As an entrepreneur you are the only one you can depend on if your business becomes successful or not, that is why with Mastering Entrepreneurship he wants to give the entrepreneurs of The Netherlands the support they need. By following this masterclass you will gain a better understanding and clear image of your business. Mastering Entrepreneurship will help you achieve your (monthly) objectives.

The different masterclasses will be focusing on different aspect of your business: Online Marketing, Sales and Coaching. Additional subjects for the masterclasses will be added in the future. Besides, the masterclass there will also be a networking activity at the end of the event, which is accessible to the participants of the masterclass. During this networking activity you will be able to talk with different successful entrepreneurs.

Mastering Entrepreneurship will take place each last Friday of the month. The exact information of the next edition is not available yet. To stay up to date follow us on social media or keep an eye out on our website. Otherwise it will also be possible for you to visit the following website for the tickets and additional information of Mastering Entrepreneurship: