Services @ GIA

GIA has developed a cross-border e-commerce service platform that covers the process of logistics, inventory management, marketing & sales and after-sales services. In this way, we create comprehensive services for bilateral e-commerce business between China and Europe.

Trade services

Professional local customs, taxation, market analysis and processing specialists and other talents provide information and overseas trade support to help Chinese companies increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

Law services

Set up a team of lawyers with professional intellectual property rights and trade disputes to escort the products of Chinese enterprises.

Local purchase

Experienced overseas product purchasers can purchase affordable raw materials and other products for domestic companies, and then import them to companies and consumers through overseas warehouses. Support “excellent advance” and “excellent out”.


GIA has a modernized product display area, as well as a large exhibition hall for holding new product launch conferences or industry exhibitions. We can provide customized services to meet different customer needs. You can take a look at our showroom page for an impression.


With multiple online and offline sales channels, JSI can help promote your products and services.

After-sales services

GIA has a centralized storage area for returns and exchanges to meet the needs of customers’ return processing. At the same time, it can inspect/sort/repair/repack/re-sell returned products to solve your after-sales problems.


Other types of STORAGE & LOGISTICS

Last Mile Solutions