Warehousing @ GIA

Do you need help with warehousing and logistics? We have long-standing partnerships with professional logistic services, and have several options available for you, such as storage, dropshipping, transportation, cross-docking, and fulfilment. Don’t know how to start? Let us help you figure it out.


GIA offers full-service storage options for companies. From 50 m2 to 3000 m2. You can always contact us; we will customize the storage plan for you according to your needs.


No need to send our products yourself, with dropshipping, the wholesale handles the storage and sending of your products. You only need to maintain your online shop.


GIA is your partner in the field of transport. We are happy to take the First & Last Mile off your hands in a sustainable way.


Want faster transport of goods? With cross-docking, there is barely any storage time. The items are moved directly from one transport to the next transport, ensuring that your products arrive well on time. With us, transporters and carriers can cross-dock 7 days a week, every hour of the day, for deliveries in the city.

Handling & Fulfilment

From start to finish, fulfilment is the entire process of handling the sending of goods. There is no need to worry about sending the products yourself, as we will help you sort it out. We can take care of the entire logistics process of your e-commerce company. We do not stop at storage and transport.

Other types of STORAGE & LOGISTICS

Last Mile Solutions